Cognosis is an exciting, problem-solving family game. It includes 600 questions based on the 3 question types that are used in Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs)*, tests that are faced by almost all children aged 10 or 11 in the UK.

Children have 50 seconds to answer the questions (the time allowed in a test) but over 12’s only have 30 seconds, making it a game for all the family. Land on a square and answer the question. Get it right and remain where you are or get it wrong and go back to where you came from. Land on a Cognosis Challenge square and challenge one of your opponents to answer a question of your choice – which category do they find the hardest? If they get it wrong, they go back.

Reach the Final Challenge square and answer the question to be crowned the Cognosis Champion.

Cognosis can be played simply as a fun game by all the family but it is also so much more. It gives children valuable practice in answering Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) type questions in the typical time allowed in the tests and so promotes familiarity and builds confidence. The best bit - as it is fun, children want to play it and don’t realise that they are learning and developing with every throw of the dice and every question answered. They also love beating their parents, grandparents or any adult so don’t think this is just a game for the children, they will want you to play too.

Cognosis with a twist

Alternative 1

If you're under 12 and want more of a challenge, why not play the game using the 30 second timer

Alternative 2

Going on a long journey but still want to play/practice, why not take a box of cards (you choose which type) and a timer ( you choose which one) and play simply by pulling out a question, turning over the timer and trying to get the right answer before the timer runs out.

Alternative 3

Out of the house and with a friend. Again, take a box of cards and a timer. One person pulls out a question and lays it flat and the other turns over the timer. Who can get the correct answer first? The first one to correctly answer gets to keep the card. Play for 15 minutes. The winner is the one with the most cards at the end.


The Game



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