This is what other people have to say about Cognosis:

"Thank you - lovely to meet you today. I have used the game at my tuition session tonight and the girls loved it." Jo, Chrysalis Learning Centre


"It was great talking to you at the Education Show.

Your game is fantastic as it gives positive exposure to the CATs. The majority of Year 6/7 pupils do not have this opportunity.

To tell the truth I enjoyed playing the game and I sure other adults enjoy playing it too."



“Great fun way to take the kids through their paces in preparation for entrance exams or CAT tests. Thanks for speedy delivery - seeing some very happy faces as I hand them out this week”  Ange @ Newell Tutors


“If you have children aged 8-11 then this game is a must have..." Ted’s Toy Store

“I think the game is fantastic. The children really enjoy the competitive nature” Chris Pearse, MD and Tutor, Teach it Right Ltd, Surrey

"On arriving at the Cognosis stand, I was immediately informed that this was not a gamers’ game. I suspect it’s a bit too daunting for the average gamer – and I’m no exception! Cognosis is designed to make Cognitive Ability Tests (such as the 11+) fun and help youngsters get through them. Now I thought the 11+ had been abolished years ago, but what do I know about schools these days?

Be that as it may, Cognosis has stacks of questions in the three types: verbal, non-verbal and numerical. The type of question you get depends on your position on the square grid of the board. Getting questions right lets you move up the board, with some spaces allowing you to do other things – such as challenge another player with a question.

To win, you have to reach the last square and answer a final question chosen by your opponents. I can see this being really useful in families with children approaching the right age and a brilliant teaching aid. However, I very much doubt it will be played simply for fun – I always fall down on the non-verbal questions, anyway. It is a wellproduced package, though, and deserves to do well." Paul Evans,

“Great fun playing a board game again with the kids like we used to do when we were young. Have to say the kids were better at it than we were!” Nicola Shaw, Ashbourne



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