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Helping improve every child’s life chances
through fun and competitive play

Cognosis was initially designed to help 2 boys pass Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs), boys who were competitive and always on the go so getting them to sit and complete 50 minute practice papers just wasn’t working. A quicker, more fun way to get them to practice was needed and so the board game concept was introduced. Using a game board and pieces from games we already had, questions from test papers we bought and a timer to replicate the time the boys would get in a test to answer each of the questions, the first version of Cognosis was born. It was an immediate hit and both boys wanted to play and keep playing until they won. The more they played it, the easier it became for them to recognise the question types and the quicker they became at answering the questions. They were learning through play. It quickly became the first game they would chose to play themselves or with us or friends, and it became clear that it appealed to anyone who played, not just children about to sit Cognitive Ability Testss (CAT tests).

Whilst the concept has not changed since the game was originally played, the game has developed and transformed since that first play:

• 200 original questions have replaced the 50 questions for each category first used;

• The introduction of a second shorter timer for 12+ players places them on an equal footing giving them less time to answer;

• Cognosis Challenge squares add another dimension. Challenge your opponent to answer a question from their least favourite category and see them squirm if they get it wrong.

Officially launched on 24th May 2013 at the 2013 UK Games Expo, Cognosis is currently available to buy  on this website (go to our online shop page for more details).  For other outlets, please visit our suppliers page.

We hope you enjoy playing Cognosis. We do, even now.


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